How To Choose Safe Toys for Your Grandchildren

Grandmother and grandfather love seeing the looks of joy on their grandchildren’s faces as the kids unwrap the perfect holiday toy. And will be certainly no doubt grandparents love shopping for those items: They accounted for 21 years old percent of the $22. 3 billion in Circumstance. S. toy sales in 2007, according to paw patrol toys, an industry research company. Unfortunately, an allergy of recalls, alerts, and other concerns about toy safety has made shopping for a great toy worrisome. From lead color on toys imported from China, to magnets that can kill if ingested, to concerns about children choking on small parts of toys, there are enough red flags to make and grandparent get cold up if he or she enters a toy store.

That doesn’t need to be that way. Here’s what you need to know in order to keep acquisitions safe and keep concerns from ruining your holiday break.

To Avoid Lead Car paint, Buy New Toys

In response to the business lead paint scares of the year of 2007, the federal government approved the paw patrol zuma toys. “It will really change the landscape for consumer products and toy safety for years to come, ” says Joe Korn, director of open public policy and general lawyer for Safe Kids Globally in Washington, D. C. Among the list of provisions of the new legislation is the reduction of lead, within 3 years, from all products aimed toward children younger than doze. The law also stipulates that choking-hazard warnings must be included not only on toy packaging, but also on other key points of purchase, such as catalogs and websites.

Stay on Top of Recalls

According to a 2007 Harris Interactive election, nine of 10 Us citizens believe most toy recalls are due to business lead paint. In reality, the majority of recalls are due to manufacturers’ design flaws. You can acquire free, up-to-date recall information when you sign up for e-mail alerts from the U. S. Client Product Safety Commission, (CSPC), the federal agency incurred with protecting consumers from hazardous products. The warnings identify recalled products, the reason[s] why they’re being recalled, what they look like, where these were created and sold, and any steps to take to correct their problems.

Take Age Tips Seriously

Many toys come with warnings that say, for example, that they are not recommended for the children younger than 3 because of small parts that could become choking dangers. Those warnings should be taken seriously, says Jules Livingston, spokesperson for the Toy Industry Association, even if your grandchildren seem to be precocious or advanced enough for the toy. Recognize an attack keep the warnings in mind when picking grandchildren with siblings younger than 3 who might get at the toy. For the detailed guide on what sort of toys are safe for which age group ranges, visit the Ideas on Toys part of the Toy Industry Association’s website.

Where You Shop Things

Everyone loves a good deal, so it can be tempting to pick up an unlucky toy at the local dollar-store. But safety experts recommend sticking with stores you know and trust, and avoiding discount stores that might not exactly maintain product recalls. Such stores may put toys on the racks long after they’ve recently been discontinued by manufacturers. Research by consumer-safety groups have also found hundreds of recalled toys offered for sale on online internet shops, so visit the CSPC’s website to check on old toys purchasing them online. Similarly, toys and games available in second-hand retailers can be broken in manners not immediately clear, and have sharp edges.

Green = Safe

If if you’re concerned about your grandchildren’s exposure to chemicals, or if you’re simply wanting to be environmentally aware, seek toys made of sustainable or reclaimed solid wood, and those that use vegetable dyes or natural oil or beeswax surface finishes.

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