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3 Steps for Effective Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the most popular image sharing platform in Australia, not only is it employed by the most amount of individuals, is also used the most often. Boostgram feeds that leverage the link in your bio, like Later’s product, are exploding in popularity, and with reports like Instagram shopping and clickable URLs in Instagram Stories for verified users, we’re betting that 2017 will be the yr Instagram gets older as a marketing platform and then brings clickable links to Instagram posts.

I have always been a passionate innovator in Social networking channels and marketing campaigns, and i also am constantly striving to learn everything there is to learn about online and offline advertising, as well as how to totally take good thing about the amazing opportunities that they provide.

Once your Instagram bank account is established, you can go to the Profile case (the button on the bottom right of your screen) and tap the Edit Your Profile button to change name, user name and profile picture, or to add a site and a short biography (150 characters max. ).

Instagram certainly can be an awesome platform for a few businesses/websites, such as cooking blogs, stores, restaurants, celebs, and places, but I use trouble marketing companies that just make one product to market online or that are just sales staff on IG.

That being said, don’t count Snapchat out totally – they are yet to been the innovators in this space, creating fun growth hacks to increase user engagement with features like FaceSwap and puppy dog filters, and it is likely that Snapchat could come away with something new that blows Instagram Stories away.

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