Refrigerator Wattage Usage

Refrigerator Wattage Usage Appliance power usage chart for selecting a power inverter.. The actual wattage required for your appliances may differ from those listed.
How much electricity are your appliances using?. A 300-watt item used for 5 minutes per day will only consume 25-watt hours per day. Where a range of .
Find the voltage and amperage of the refrigerator; for instance, you may see "115 V" and "6.5 amps." Multiplying these two numbers tells you how many watts your refrigerator uses — in this case, 747.5 watts. Smaller refrigerators typically use about 350 watts, while larger models use as much as 780 watts.
Tip: Don't just add up the total wattage for everything you want to power. See our section on power. Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star). 1200. 132-192.
A fridge will use anywhere from 100 to 400 watts depending on size, a large fridge will use about 180 watts or 1575 kWh annually.
Kitchen. Refrigerator/Freezer. Microwave Oven – 625 Watts. Microwave Oven – 1000 Watts. Coffee Maker. Electric Stove – 8 in. Element. Dishwasher – Hot Dry.
List of the Power Consumption of Typical Household Appliances.. For example an electric blanket may be used for 2 hours, but a hair drier for 5 minutes.
Many appliances have a range of settings, so the actual amount of power an appliance may consume depends on the setting being used. For example, a radio .

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