double stroller with car seat for infant and toddler

Mistakes When Using Double Stroller with Car Seat

There are some mistakes that you accidentally do when using a double stroller with car seat for infant and toddler. Avoid doing these mistakes when using the stroller in order to keep your baby safe.

The Car Seat is not Suitable For Your Baby’s Age and Weight

Do not use the same car seat since your baby was born until they become a toddler. Make sure your baby has 2 types of a car seat. The first car seat is specifically for a newborn. This type of car seat is suitable for a baby weighs 11 kg to 15 kg. The second car seat is in the form of a chair that can be used for children aged 2 years and above.

Using A Secondhand Double Stroller with Car Seat

Do not use a secondhand double stroller with car seat for infant and toddler. You do not know what had happened to the secondhand stroller. Whether it has lost some bolts or other important parts.

And, do you know that a double stroller with car seat has an expiry date?. This kind of stroller will be expired 6 years after the product was produced by the manufacturer. This is why you better use a new stroller with a car seat that has a high quality.

Do not Read the User Manual for Use

It is important to read the user manual for use of the double stroller with car seat you buy. There are a million models out there, which of course have different ways of installation. It will be dangerous for your baby if you are wrong in installing the car seat or there is one part that is not installed. So that make sure you read the manual instruction before you use the stroller product you purchase.

Do not Use the Car Seat When Travelling

National Transportation Safety Board, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Federal Aviation Administration suggest and recommends kids, especially those who are under 5 years old, to use a car seat when they are on a plane. It is done in order to prevent the kids from standing up, running, or jumping in the plane seat or aisle. It is a little bit of troublesome, but for the sake of your toddler’s safety, make sure you use the car seat from your double stroller when you are traveling.

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Place the Car Seat on the Front Seat

A front seat beside the driver seat is not a safe place to put a car seat for your toddlers. Besides having a narrower space than the backseat, the toddlers who sit on the front seat are more at risk of being thrown into the windshield if an accident happens. So, it will be better if you keep your toddlers in the back seat until they turn 13 years old.

Those are the mistakes which are accidentally done by parents when using a double stroller with car seat for infant and toddler. Avoid those mistakes mentioned above in order to keep the safety of your baby and toddler.