baby trend car seat and stroller walmart

baby trend car seat and stroller Walmart
baby trend car seat and stroller Walmart

Tips to Choose Safe Baby Car Seat and Stroller

baby trend car seat and stroller Walmart can be used for newborns until they turn 3 years old to 5 years old. Besides considering the price and appearance, you should also consider the safety features of a baby car seat and stroller you are going to purchase.

Practical Brakes

Some strollers have brakes that lock 2 wheels at the same time, not only one wheel as usual. Choose the stroller brake that you think is the easiest to use. Also, make sure the brakes cannot be reached by kids. A stroller with disc brakes will give extra safety when going uphill or downhill.

Seat Belt Resistance

Generally, for a stroller, there are 2 types of a seat belt, which are 3 points seat belt or 5-points seatbelt. 5-points seatbelt is considered to be way safer because it covers the waist, shoulders, and the part between the thighs. It is needed specially to protect babies. Also, pay attention to the ease of use and make sure the size is right when used around your toddler’s body.

Weight Limit

baby trend car seat and stroller Walmart both generally have a weight limit. If it is too heavy, it is feared the car seat and stroller become unstable and less comfortable to use. Also, avoid using a single stroller to carry more than one baby. If you have a twin, use a double stroller.

High or Low of the Stroller Handle

Adjust the handle of the baby stroller to the height of the parents or adults who will push it. The stroller handle should be around the waist or slightly lower. If the stroller will be pushed by a number of different people, look for a stroller with an adjustable handle or reversible handle.

Adjustable Seat

If the baby stroller is used for a baby below 6 months old, make sure the seat is able to be adjusted until it is a near-lying position. Because a baby in this age is still unable to support their heads and sit perfectly. Above that age, a reclining seat is needed in order to provide comfort during their sleep.

A Place to Put Feet

Avoid placing your feet under the stroller that separates your right and left legs. You are suggested to choose a feet place which is not separated in order to avoid trapping your kids’ feet.

Canopy Equipment

Choose a baby trend car seat and stroller Walmart with a canopy that can protect your baby and toddler from rain, heat, and wind. Moreover, choose the one with a canopy that is easy to remove. So that you can easily clean it.

A baby car seat and stroller is very helpful and beneficial to make it easier for the parents when traveling with their babies and toddlers. Choose the one which is suitable for your needs and your babies’ needs. Consult with a pediatrician if your baby has special conditions that require adjustments in using the car seat or stroller.

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